Monday, October 5, 2009

5th oct, the walk

And today evening as I was taking a walk, just me alone. Those trees really got something to share. I could feel that winter has already said good bye. The leaves seem to smell more refreshing like never before. I lost there in the glory of nature in the dusk. My thoughts wondered..lost in the fragrance of nature's beauty.

I could feel how fast the time flies. Spring is here, another reminder as to how fast the time passes, with achievements received only half, and my own potential half explored.

I was telling myself that I could have done a lot more than what I did in actual. I realized in due time of procrastinating work I already lost a lot of time and potential.

Well I know this happens not just with me but to everyone. Always our capacity and abilities remain half utilized and to that we regret knowing how much more we could have achieved had we made full use of our intelligence, capability, ability and all the those words you can think of.

Yet, I know this season will pass by us with just the same flaws. Anyway, every season is a season of new hopes and dreams.

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