Monday, October 5, 2009

the much dedicated poem

Three days back I wrote a poem dedicated to one of my close friends. Well actually to tell, it wasn't much of a poem. Was just some random lines which came up upon visiting his profile on one of the social networking site. That friend sounded a little stressed in the message he sent to me. So I thought I might cheer him up with that stupid poem of mine.

Haha.. unfortunately, i didn't realize thats gonna piss him off instead. poem and also my poor friend, he didn't have the strength to withstand my nonsense. Wasn't intended to annoy him, but yeah somethings always turn out opposite. Lol..i must say poorer me, my poem got busted.

Haha anyway I am wondering, am I so bad at writing poems? it was a bad writing..i accept. My sweet little friend. Aww me and the skills..sigh! Its bad..labsa its cool..haha

I better stop writing poems or else, someday some frineds surely gonna stab me..

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