Sunday, October 11, 2009

Out of nothing!

As I came back from the university, exhausted and hungry;
I meet my friend in front of the door, she sees my assignment grade and shouts ' ohh my god', as if I murdered her child. She always brags bout getting high distinction during all her college life. What is there to be so much of ' ohh my god ' in my getting B negative. After all I didn't even fail.

Often I am left in amazement with some people's self centeredness. Not that friend I am talking bout, it is yet another person who is self centered. I wonder if they are human. Well of course this is the very human nature in fact. I am not saying I am good, I do feel like a devil myself when I come across some real humble people. But some are just too much. Some scoundrels doesn't even want take their girlfriend at gatherings, because they think she is not good enough. Some worthless girls wait for silly reasons to breakup with their boy so that they can run after some rascals. I wouldn't care if all those idiots burn in hell.

I love sleeping, people often say 75 percent of my life is spend sleeping. Yet, it is no surprising if I wake up as early as 6 o'clock in the morning of some important occasion . I am very careless by birth, I don't even remember where I keep my pens, most of the time in the class, or at home when I am to write my homework I would be looking out for my pen for hours or sometimes the book itself would be left in the class. Yet, it is no surprising when I turn up with everything needed on the day of my final exam.

Why am I writing all these stuff here? even I don't know. When I am suppose to be doing my assignment I am here writing this article as if I want to become a writer. I should be somewhere in the physics lab cleaving some fibers and coupling them together and getting the wrong result or nothing at all at the end of the experiment, instead of trying to write something out of nothing. Oh! life isn't fun all the time, still I smile most of the time. I better get back when I have something good to share.

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