Friday, October 16, 2009

This moment!

I live for today, for my past gives me pain. Happy or sad, memories are always a pain. Sorrows of those sad days rejuvenate as I flash back the days. Those happy little moments brings me nostalgia. But this moment, the very present is the moment I want to smile, is the moment I have.

The dreams of yesterday are lost and to compensate the loss I am dreaming some new ones, which might take a little time before it come into existence. So that is going to be my future, which we all know is never certain. The best anyone can do is to keep trying and hoping. Thats important.

However, all these are either past which we want to forget, take it as an experience or cherish as a memory or the future which I say is still on its way. So the one we have is this moment. It belongs to no one. Not to anyone, it doesn't even belong to your own past or the future. It is the moment you have, I have.

Bring our thoughts to the present to create a better chance of reaching the goals. Today might be simple, as in the saying 'grasses are always greener on the other side' and you might just want to be in the future where it is created greener on your mind. Today is going to matter when tomorrow comes, for life is but a succession of many todays. When tomorrow comes today's smile is going to count, for happiness is but the collection of our smiles.

PS; by the way this is my today! Doing nothing meaningful haha :D

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