Thursday, October 22, 2009

The time that is; just another chapter to lotey's life

'Is it going to rain?' I thought, bending my head backward a little as I tried to stare at the sky that signaled the approaching of a down pour. I smiled as I continued walking along the lonely road. After all rain isn't too bad, I have always loved rain. (more so if it was just a drizzle.. walking in its freshness on a evening like that would have meant much more than the living itself). It was already dusk, felt little tired from the day's schedule.

' Oh! few birds singing' I was caught. Gave one more smile to the thought of how beautiful the coming season would be. 'Spring is not a season but a reason to smile' I thought.

The nature was at its best perfection. It toured me to all its hidden charms. After all me and my thoughts were the only guest she had to worry about at that moment, no body was seen. Soon her beauty drove me away to my wonderland.

I kept walking, bent my head to watch my steps. I smiled again to the thoughts of nothing in particular.

I smiled to the words ' do keep smiling always cuz now here is someone who wants to see you smile and happy all the time' which read on my mobile this morning. I bit my lower lip and took a long blink as I breathed yet another fragrance of the nature which made me feel the touch of paradise. ' am I moving too fast, is this even me?' I wondered. ' am I really in love again after such a long break?' I smiled again. Kept smiling to the thoughts of the promises he made. ' did he really mean it when he said I will be by your side for all times to come' I was still smiling! ' am I doubting him?' I breathed hard. ' nope I am not, I can trust him I know' one another smile held. But hey! ' it would not be him or me who might, if ever, fail to keep the promises we made' I took another long breath. ' if the world is unfair by itself..what can I do, or anyone of us can do? May be, now I found my reason for existence' I shook my head a little and curved my smile a little bigger. ' Now all I have to do is to say, I love you too' I decided.

' life is pretty cool and beautiful if we meet the right person, we both wonder don't we?--but seldom in life two such good people get to life together ' oh! How I miss this friend of mine, I took a deeper breath. Friend I may call but this friendship is yet to be redefined. 'hey! what if life is all about chatting with someone whom we like talking to?' I smiled again remembering typing those words on my laptop. 'may be thats small part of life's happiness and a small part of the bigger purpose of mortality' I smiled again not really understanding the meaning it carried, whatever it may be, ah! he is one such person whose words I wont forget all my life. 'Defining his friendship might take many generations' I smiled again.

Well, how much can I write down? Cuz I smiled to many other reasons.

' where is my key?' pressing against the pocket realizing that I already reached home, I was brought back to reality!

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