Thursday, October 8, 2009

We and the doings

How many more are left to be blamed? For how long are you going to keep blaming?who is responsible? The creator himself, your spouse, you family, friends or the fate? Etc etc.. One thing we must realize is whatever were (or are) the causes of our current position, the first decision came from our own self. Every circumstances that one face today are but the cause of choices made yesterday.

To feel whether the environment surrounding one to be good or bad just depends on one's perception. Depends on whether you want to take in all the possible good views or see only the repulsive ones. Everything that is happening with you, good or bad, is just around you alone. How you want to see, so you see. Many times our knowledge bout the world is limited to/by our perception and interpretation.

It is not the girlfriends leaving their boyfriend for a better one, nor it is the boyfriends cheating on their girl. Let us say it is the human beings doing that.

Therefore its no time to keep blaming some other person for everything that happened and somethings that didn't happen. Its time we make our own fortune. Everyone has equal right to be happy, for there is just one life and we don't want live a sorry life. Do we?

Let us make our loved ones proud of us. Lets do something meaningful to bring smile on our parents face. Our parents must have done so many sacrifices to meet our demands and desires. So do they not deserve a little in return? Paying back is simple. Do something beneficial to oneself and our parents are more than happy. Lets do it for our brother/sister(s) who always wanted their siblings to do better then her colleague's sister. For some, whose elders might have taken the parents role in bringing up their younger ones. Do they all not deserve something in return? And that something is easy to give, as I said, by simply taking our life in the right direction.

In course of making our loved ones happy, one might not realize how much one have already achieved for oneself. This way, one fine day you will have a reason to smile at yourself and that time, feeling proud bout oneself wont be any wrong.

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