Wednesday, November 25, 2009

On his birthday

I feel special as I join you in celebrating your birthday this year. Hope each day you find reasons only to smile.

I know I have been moving a little fast recently but with each talk I have with you I just want to get more close.

I smile not because I am in love but because to me love is you.

Two years ago when we met, little did I know we would get this far. If surprises are this beautiful than I desire nothing more than few surprises of such kind in life, with each surprise beginning with your name.

So a very happy birthday to my dear boy Kinzang. Success and achievement awaits your coming.

My ever lasting love I gift you with intentions only to make you smile and I desire nothing in return but our togetherness.

Today as it is your special day I just want to let you know, YOU really are ME


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