Saturday, November 21, 2009

Of dreams and surprises

Some morning you wake up to find yourself that almost all your dreams have taken its phase to reality. Another time you feel, every grip you been holding might fall apart anytime soon, yet there is always an inner voice which wouldn't want you to just stare. Next morning you wake up to new dreams and hopes. Everyday is but a surprise, this surprise which associate yesterday to tomorrow is one definition to living, or the life.

Out of ordinary I dreamed of becoming a princess to one such prince. Things doesn't go our way all the time, and at times it is hard and we feel down hearted and dejected. Every sunrise has the touch of new existence, and sometimes these surprises are just so beautiful.

And you my boy, when you said I am an angel in your life, I was left with no words to speak. I thought deep and said to myself, may be those dreams I dreamed were never enough. Perhaps my dreams were just a little too less. Today I know somewhere far across the pacific you are missing me, but no worries my boy, tell you I miss you more.

If asked, the world might listen but i know there is only you who might actually hear me. When the world demands answer there is only one person who just want to answer instead. What more do I desire? Or what more do I got to say?

Expressions ain't willing to come out easily at times, speaking up your heart isn't that easy. :D all in all, sometimes, its just a little different. Yet those smiles keep shining, and sometimes you can almost feel it for yourself.

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