Friday, November 27, 2009

One among many such stories

It was passed midnight, Yelden was sleeping peacefully when she woke up to the crackling sound of
her door. She knew not what was going on when suddenly a man forced himself in. Yelden was just 16,
she was frightened, nervous and scared. She didn't know what to do. She was embarrassed to shout for
help. Her uncle was sleeping in the next room. She thought it was an embarrassment to shout and wake
him up. She pleaded the evil to leave her alone. But no he wont, the lust in him had risen so much so
that even the humanity in him chose to run away. That night Yelden was dishonored. Her respect of
being a girl and all her pride was stolen by the evil.

Next morning she became the talk among his friends. She was then a would be slut and someone whom
they can make visits at night. At 16 it wasn't her fault to keep shut her mouth of revealing such
incidences to anyone related. She was just too embarrassed to tell anyone about that unfaithful night.
Before much time passed few men had already visited her at night.

At 20 Yelden held reputation of a whore. Even her aunt started dishonoring her. Her peers feared to be
friends with her. Every man talked sweet to her until they quench their thirst. At the end of the day no
one was there to hear Yelden's heart. No one has even tried to know her womanly heart. For men she
was just a chance not to miss while to the rest she was an embarrassment to the society.

It was a full moon night, Yelden was lying on her bed. Through the window above she could see the
silver beauty showering her blissful rays down on the earth. The night was quite and everything seemed
simply beautiful. Such was the night that Yelden was taken back to the times of some 10 years ago. She
knew things would have been different if only one such unfaithful night had the fate decided to spare
her mother. She was lost to the days when she was a princess to her caring parents.

Yelden was born to a lovely couple. Farmer by profession they were and lacked those modern luxuries
yet her mother never lacked love and care for her daughter. Yelden lived a life of princess to this most
lovely couple in their little traditional house, until one such night her mother closed her eyes never to
open again. Then after, her life changed completely, not for good.

Yelden's life has been brought this low not by herself. She at one time had her own dreams. Yelden was
dishonored and disrespected by such men whose sisters they want the best out of and whose mothers
they respect the most. Who would ever understand Yelden also has a motherly heart and that she is
also just like any other sister if only she had a brother. She is brought this low not by herself but the
society who has pointed her instead of those men who has in fact taken away all her pride . Such honor
which anyone of us can own but by birth.

Yelden is one another body in whom dwells a soul not so different from any of us. If we ourselves fail to
hear her then how can any other Yelden ever seek justice. When spoken she gets no sympathy instead
she would be talked the bad and wrong one. Is it she who chose the silence or it is the society that
compelled her not to defend?

PS; intended not to offend anyone who come across this article. Those exception few I was meaning :D

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