Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Time I pack my things

Just the books and clothes. Realized I don't really have anything as such to pack. Well that is good cuz I hate packing and specially when there are lots thing to pack I just get lost. More then packing I dislike having lot things to carry while traveling. More so I have to fit my stuff in some of my friends' room. So, lesser the better.

Yes I am going away. Leaving my university soon. Until February next year no university work, yay! How I wish I don't have to carry that suitcase of mine but we cant survive without clothes. I will be needing some changes. By the way not going home. Just moving to some other city here in the same country.

Cant wait to see my friends. Those fun times we had were awesome guys, looking forward to such days once again. Those beach walks I missed the most. As much as I like taking walks in the evening, with friends or alone, I like the ocean. Just a breadth of the ocean drives all my worries away and reminds life is beautiful. Such feeling that you get by just looking at the never ending ocean, I call it touch of paradise. Well it is actually little hard to express the real touch we get. May be such feelings are just meant to feel and to not express.

With all these excitements circulating in my system, I have one reason to feel bad. Feeling sad to leave my friend behind. I know she is going to miss me terribly. Wish I could take her with me but her thesis demands dedication. After all her purpose of being here is not to  miss or to miss, feel sad or to go on a trip. In one year of her being here she made only two good friends, me and a guy from Africa. Not meaning me a good one, just good in friendship with her. That guy will soon fly to Africa. So she has all the reason to feel lonely. I know what is to live in such feelings, sucks big time! Older she might be, both by age and education but we share such relation, that of a rare kind.

Ohh.. anyways I still haven't finish the packing work.

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