Friday, November 20, 2009

Yet another end of academic year

Having come to the end of my fourth semester, it is such a relief. I remember, few months back I was waiting for my third semester exam to get over. Today I feel almost satisfied as I look back at the works I have done, and the pace I managed to hold. You know how sometime it gets hard to keep going. Lotey might be complaining, may be I am just a little too weak than a lot you, but then again who doesn't feel the burden at least once in a while.

The best I could do was not giving up and being able to take it to the end. This feeling of contentment is one another divine spirit that keep pushing me through with encouragement, and it only widens the enthusiasm in me.

Exam days we become restless. You sit down to study and hear some passers by outside, you need to peep through the window to catch a glimpse of who they are. Other days you hardly bother even if Mr president passes by your door. One hour of study and you are hungry, fifteen minutes and you want to have a cup of tea or coffee, some chips or an ice cream break. So meanwhile you gain some weight also.

Anyway talking about today, I am happy that it is all over and I am relaxed until I begin my next semester, good thing I have break over two months.

Was talking to my mom and she said she misses me a lot. I consoled her saying ' just one year and I will be home'. 'Just' as it might have sounded a word but I know its hard for you and me both. In here, the word 'just' and 'one year' doesn't quite relate. No worries ama, your daughter is going to be back soon more matured, more understanding, more hardworking and as a more responsible person (..lolz, these are actually my few wishes..hehe), but sure I am going be three years older then. One year is not so a short duration but I need to hold on a little more because I already did for two years.

Ohh again, from another angle it sure is a short duration. Last year this time of the year I remember me and my buddies, watching movie the whole afternoon, drinking the whole evening and cooking at 3 o'clock in the morning cuz by then we would all be hungry. Our sleep hours were usually from somewhere around 4 am till pass midday. Those days were awesome, guys! my three buddies, u guys are the coolest ever. This year has become a little different, but I still look forward to such moments in future as we still have one more year to go.

All in all, end of my second year :D

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