Friday, December 4, 2009

The feel and the unknown

We are Ok the most when we are hurt the most. Everything is alright when things seem to go wrong from every possible angle. Sadness and pain in our heart we compensate with a smile on our face. Nothing much can be told when a lot tale is to be shared. Silence sometimes become louder than the words.

People come and go. Reasons are never known why we meet. They never tell why they had to leave. We never ask why they had to go. Sometimes we never want to know why and at times we just never know why. Life is better if it remains a mystry. When one understand the whole plot of anything it sucks the most.

Hearng old songs get you memories, and the memories sweet and bitter whatsoever is nothing more than a pain. Most of the new songs have the same old theme, many times put in different order and words. So better you hear musics sung in a language you dont understand. You hear them sing but you don't really understand what they are singing about. It is so much better. Just feel the music, its like the wind or the love.


  1. Simple! YOu are in love Lotey, nothing to worry about when this feelings come!

  2. beautifully written!

  3. Well written lotey..ur writings r really impressive..i love it my dear

  4. True! Life is absurd.
    Everything is so temporal in this world.


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