Monday, December 21, 2009

What along the road not taken?

Battles through the journey I realized, I won all those events, even the ones I assumed I lost because victory isn’t all about the trophy. In life, happiness is the greatest award presented by one’s self mind. When your dreams get shattered, setting new ones shall keep u going and seeing the brightest side of your fall shall leave you with no regret. 

During my primary school days, I was to become a doctor whenever somebody asked me what was it that I wanted to become when I grow up. Very little idea had I those days about what it takes to become a doctor. During the high school days, my so called ambition of becoming a doctor made more sense when I saw myself interested more towards the science subjects. My dreams seemed more realistic when I happily qualified for science stream for my higher secondary degree. Even more enthusiastic I found it when biology was my preference over math. I almost reached where I always wanted to be, when suddenly I could not qualify for the MBBS scholarship offered by RGoB. Now, who wouldn’t call that was a big fall? 

Becoming an engineer had never crossed my mind and I didn’t want to do an engineering course either. So, with not so great heart I accepted the physics bachelor course offered to me. Not that I didn’t like the course but you know how it is, to lose the career of your choice.

It wasn’t long before I realized this career would suit me the best. One year of my course and I knew I would have regretted not knowing the world of physics and the tension and excitement involved in solving the equations, generating an equation. Wouldn’t I have regretted not knowing the electromagnetic theories? The legacy of Albert Einstein, such as the one, law of relativity holds all the reason to scratch your brain. I know, my knowledge in the field is very very less even to call myself a physics student but then I would know even lesser if not for the course I am doing. I don’t know what it would have been like, along the road not taken but as I know this path I am travelling, I am only glad I am here.

Don’t all of us have something called our first love? Accept or deny, we all know for ourselves that before we meet the man of our destiny we encounter few mismatches. One time, like any other being, I saw myself heartbroken and depressed. Today I know, had it not been for the down siding of my so called first love, I would have never known the man I know now. Not knowing him would have been the biggest regret of my life.

One might read this as one piece of many down fallen stories. Yet I ask what have I lost? and I am glad I don’t have an answer.

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  1. Life isnt a flow wit our expectations..wat v expect doesnt happen and one dat dont expect 4 u lotey,ambition wat it may b its one interests dat makes it more noble..any way well written dear,


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