Tuesday, January 19, 2010

To those friends..night of 19th Jan 2010

Dedicated to Kezang, Ngajay, Kencho and Kinzang
You have such wonderful friends and of course mine like always the best. Those singing sessions were awesome. Learn to live each moment, we proved it, tomorrow is never certain. It is not the place or the time that counts but the company and moments we make out if it that makes all the difference.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Awake after midnight!

When asked, what do we really speak? Many times we just want to bring out the words which are already expected to hear by the other. Fail to bring out the truth just in case you might hurt the other person. Even when you know, what he is convinced a right in his way is an absolute wrong notion. Forget about speaking, even in writing, people produce in a way from a reader's perspective. 'We' being referred here doesn't mean I am one among 'us' nor doesn't either mean anyone who comes across this article has to feel offended. 

to my world

welcome all!