Tuesday, March 2, 2010

..and you'll know there is a soul in you

An angel at the beach tells her story; saw a star falling down. Unable to believe the beauty created, almost lost her breathe. Just a blink and the star already plunged into the salty ocean. All she got was a drop of water thrown back. Sad for not being able to catch before it disappeared but looking at the sky she was happy to see many stars looking down at her. So she sits, waiting for the next star to fall. People live on, for there is still hope.

Don’t be afraid of waking up from your dream, after all it is worth more than never have dreamt. It is worth the risk of loving for it is not the satisfaction you get from being loved but the happiness you feel from being able to love which is worth. It is like a flower, however beautiful it might have looked as a bud and charming as it bloomed, when the time comes it has to wither, where after it is not even remembered. It is the fear of rejection that few never take chances and the fear of losing some never own.

Life is a long journey; there isn’t an end, unless you choose to. May be, it’s all about something we don't see. Something everyone is unable unfold. Few wants to say, hold on a little more, there’s an edge from where you might see a beautiful beginning. At the edge of the earth, do enjoy the beauty of the ocean which leads you to yet another voyage, be it of living or seeking solace. But never let it be like the cloud, afraid of falling which might eventually disappear.


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