Sunday, April 25, 2010

Story of a man

Sky is my brother, he tells and no one knows not what he means, I dont either. I ask 'how are you today?' He answers he been drinking the whole day. 'You didnt go to work again today', I ask. He tells me what do he do? The world sees him mad. ' I talk nonsense' he confess ' can I sing a song for you?'

So then he sings, 

Why do people fall in love
I am jealous to see u with some other guy
But now i have learned to live with the truth, and then he looses tone.

Havnt seen his sons for almost a year. he tells he was on phone with his mother the other day to let her know that he still misses her cooking after 23 long years of being away.

No one wants to be friend with him cuz he is so a messy person, moreso he alyways want to sing loud. Quite annoying most of the time but his reasons i never could understand.

He as a whole is a mystery and holds a story something much more than what the world around him sees in him..that he keeps folded

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