Monday, July 5, 2010

If anything make sense

Time goes by, life move on and we get dragged. Because it is a cycle, every phase is unavoidable. Sometimes we don’t want to open our arms, if only that will make any difference. Some moments of the past, I wish I had it still but the reality, even the stillness is on move. Whatever it takes and where it might, I still keep this hope in me but when the lights are down in the middle of the night, truth never lies in saying your vision is still clear.
Yet, the candle at the side says not everything is lost, just need to find a way to light it. If death was ever the end, how many of us would have already chosen this damn end?

Sometimes I don’t know and at times when I know, I just run short of time. Life does suck once in a while, and this while goes on and on. It feels like it’s going to go on forever :| Sometimes, I just want to run away to a very faraway place and never come back. This is where I stand, completely out of words. May be for just one moment I take a look. Along with the world I spin, yet I lag behind at times but because the journey will always be on, I hope to catch up someday soon :)

In the middle of all these happenings, I am made to come into terms that nothing is perfect on this planet. Wonder not why the earth herself is in imperfect shape. Imperfect spherical, make sense! Every being is a saint, I believe, if only we let them be who they are. The world is guilty if someone is wrong today. Other side of the life: Thank you to one of my friend who showed me in real that the undying esteem within oneself never goes unrewarded. Yes, my friend! You inspire me, taking the best out of worst. You have proven, the best of things at times have an unkind approach.

..And I say life is still beautiful. Life’s biggest irony and the delusion in which every being is soaked into without clear reasoning, and so now I make no sense :P


  1. Indeed, often times I feel the same. But like you are doing it, self comforting is the only way one can feel better abut it. So try finding a solace from the fact that nothing is perfect, and that the God has never created a thing called perfect; only we make it look like one. So cheer up Lotey, feel better, and study well.

  2. 好的開始並不代表會成功,壞的開始並不代表是失敗............................................................


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