Monday, August 30, 2010

Little things, big the end?

Places become home after sometime, only to realize at some point that your soul has been sucked from the core. 

Unable to make it work with the people around. With the selfish ones, you try to make it up but for how long. After sometime you will just want to leave them alone saying let them be blessed. With the good ones, I was not good enough to take in their good nature. 
And to the ones I was nice, the kindness in me was welcomed but as a weakness. Nothing at all I gained, except abuses, not that I wanted to earn something. Some never did understand me; perhaps, I never tried understanding those souls.

In the end, no one is right and no one is wrong. Every one of us is but just a victim of the every other person. He may be right, you may be right and she may be right, but at some point we realise, whatsoever and whosoever may be right, it wouldn’t make any good, any bad or any difference in your life.

There is nothing to be afraid of the ones who bring it out, but I am a little careful to the ones playing from behind. There is always something wrong in the person who plays everything around so perfectly.

I was so good and I was so bad, in the end, anything hardly matters. All you need to be is yourself. We try our best, only to fall, and we fall so badly, to a point so low, there wouldn’t be a way down any further. Any move you make, will but only rise you up once again.

Let the good ones rise and the selfish lots be blessed


  1. That is a unconditional philosophy. May be experiences are the best teachers and I guess you have unfolded your true works. Great write up! Appreciated la...

  2. From this article, I read you as kind and approachable. Keep up the spirit (the old saying) and I wish to remain among the Selfish lots to be blessed :) I am good but I want to wash my sins altogether :)


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