Saturday, February 19, 2011

Into the 'living'

If I can turn back in time and to live my past one more time, will I want to keep all those mistakes made from happening? Or do I still think those mistakes were worth making to get me the person I am now. Did I even learn anything? But whether mistakes amendable or not, there always was a way forward, every moment had its reason. Living is a weird event, experiences bring realization. We were preached many lessons from the times we hardly remember now, but most of the time, facts and realities are learned the hard way. Yet in this hateful and disgusting world, hard to deny there still are many things worth living for.


A reason that keeps on changing, taking me down and rising me up and every time I know I’m just an artist playing a character. At the end of a day I know I’m taught a lot of things, not sure if I learned any. Moving on with the days somehow, keeping away all my worries. Just want to take it easy for I need a place just to stand and keep my way sound because every next day is a known mystery.


There isn’t an end to all these noises; of depression, of ignorance, of greed, selfishness, ego, jealousy and most of all, voices wanting to be loved and cared for. We all were but a born saint, living has us wronged. Falling and despair, worries and stresses, many more little things that keep me grounded but at the end of each day I see myself back with the same old smile cuz I’m always reminded no matter what and how bad you are, the ones who love will always love you for the person you are. God always answer the prayers asked with a true heart, thankyou god

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