Saturday, June 18, 2011

..dies but not by itself

At a point in my life, I tried to fit in with the people around. That didn’t just include: showing up at some festive gathering even at times when i didn’t wanted to because there is something the society calls it cooperation, wearing outfits which were supposedly in fashion, giving opinions which sometimes might not have been what you wanted to say but knew what the other person expected to hear. These ones are actually the simpler versions of what some of us do to fit in with the environment.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

the act that goes unrealized

While a plate of well cooked, deliciously appealing beef may sound an amazing meal, that piece of meat suffered and went through a lot of pain to reach this destination. No one heard his cries when he prayed not to be killed. Every tear drop that fell from his eye would have contained pains unmeasurable, prayers asking for mercy. No one felt the pain when his blood got drained and flesh removed even before his heart stopped beating.  There is nothing unlawful, nothing that makes us look ugly in enjoying the beautifully prepared dish. But the truth is; we are all just a merciless, selfish, greedy and heartless flesh eater and blood sucker.Thoughtfully speaking, we humans are the most frightening creature to ever have walked this planet.

to my world

welcome all!