Sunday, June 5, 2011

the act that goes unrealized

While a plate of well cooked, deliciously appealing beef may sound an amazing meal, that piece of meat suffered and went through a lot of pain to reach this destination. No one heard his cries when he prayed not to be killed. Every tear drop that fell from his eye would have contained pains unmeasurable, prayers asking for mercy. No one felt the pain when his blood got drained and flesh removed even before his heart stopped beating.  There is nothing unlawful, nothing that makes us look ugly in enjoying the beautifully prepared dish. But the truth is; we are all just a merciless, selfish, greedy and heartless flesh eater and blood sucker.Thoughtfully speaking, we humans are the most frightening creature to ever have walked this planet.

Just the other day, my mates were discussing on how horrible it is to kill animals in the name of worshiping a figure. It so happened that a neighbour of ours has this tradition of having to actually kill a goat with their own hand and worship some sort of a god. So back at my place, my friends got into discussion on how wrong the act is. Basically they were just trying to say, the person is a heartless killer and condemning the sort of religion. Well this is so wrong; i agree but let us not blame religion. Blame those sick people who had it misinterpreted. Religions (any/all) lost its essence since the time when their followers started killing and discriminating each other in the name of religion. (Back to my talk)  The irony here is, these people are hard core non-veg themselves.  What is so a big difference in being the butcher and the consumer? As a matter of fact, I am a non-veg as well.

Now you see when a child is born. He is an innocent soul, an angle dropped straight from heaven. Under care and protection of his parents he starts seeing the world. The world he experiences at that stage is a perfect one. In that perfect world he gets to enjoy the best of everything. When a child is served with a well prepared meat, the only thing that turns him on is the taste. He is too innocent and young to wonder about what it takes for the piece of meat to come to him. The ugly act of killing goes unrealized for this child as he grows old because he has been eating meat from the very beginning and now eating meat has become just so normal to him.

Would there have been any difference if the child was exposed to the act of killing prior to serving? Haven’t we lost the right to say ‘I love animals’, the day we started enjoying their flesh. If being compassionate means being able to feel somebody else’s pain, then i wonder..?? Irony, the world is its best example. 
(inspired by KFC exposed )


  1. haa haa.. Lotey I am so glad that you started to write again. And with this sort of mind Blastic article, I however suggest you that You watch a documentary about FOOD.INC which will even make you go on more on this issue. Anyways, with this, are you vegetarian now?

  2. Lotey,
    Congratulation for coming up with a thought stirring article. yours is the second of its kind i have read by Bhutanese bloggers. the first one I read was by my cousin,(

    and by they congratulation for even beautifying your blog. it looks even nicer.....

  3. haha dawa i knew someone would ask this question.hmm havnt had meat since that day, so lets see but vegetarian dhi mashey cuz egg :) i take eggs and i know i will be taking eggs..havnt been much of a meat eater anyways, but that makes no difference. at the moment dhi i cannot comment.most probably i will stop taking meat and i will watch the documentary marey

    kuenzang, thanks for your words and also the link. i read his article, its awesome. happy with the new purple border on my blog :))

  4. Aum Lotey, you got the best way to express your thoughts about the religion yet we are a human uncontrollable about our own existence. I must say, after watching the video you posted in the facebook, I wanted to return back to my old life as vegetarian :) But you know, being here is not easy mena tey. Stop eating meats and try traveling around the town, you won't get good food to fill in your empty stomach. Anyways, Aum Lotey, I am glad you shared your experiences and keep on writing :)

  5. thanks yeshi, i understand all your thoughts :) i am glad you went through my article

  6. I am Vegetarian by choice...I have few facts why someone should not eat non-veg..............
    The US has farmland that is the size of the entire Indian subcontinent!! 8/10th to 9/10th of this land is used to grow feed for animals… can u imagine? the US actually imports food grain for human consumption… in the US annually 15 billion animals are processed (grow and butchered) for human consumption… 99.99% of these are factory produced… so in a nutshell, if we stop eating meat, balance will not be destroyed, it will be regained! We are loosing about 1 acre of rain forest almost every few minutes to create grazing lands for animals who other people eat… so many species of animals, insects, birds and trees have gone extinct, and we DONT know how to get them back… movies like Jurassic park not withstanding!....what is happening in US might happen in all the countries with time :) For more facts you can visit ...It was fantabulous reading it :).The title is very catchy :)

  7. nice to know you are vegetarian..and thanks for reading..will definitely try :))

  8. Lotey this is an excellent piece! keep up the good work!

    Dawa Dukpa


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