Monday, October 5, 2009

The trust within

Every fall gives you an opportunity to rise. Dreams may seem far and hope almost dying, but still who doesn't keep hope? Hope while losing hope.

Hard work is the only way to success. Without hard work no miracle is going to happen. More importantly, your attitude can get you where you want to be. The foremost quality in one should be having faith in oneself.

Believe in oneself is the cause of enthusiasm, which thereby leads to achievement. When one believe in oneself, every fall opens an opportunity. When one has the believe in oneself, he wouldn't fear even when he knows there is lot to fear.

With this believe one shall be smiling someday ( hopefully..hehe).

Still more, if you are compassionate, have respect to elders, regards to young and understanding to the peers then, you become a real person. Definition for beauty thus sum up!

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