Tuesday, September 29, 2009

In actual!

We complain of missing home while some doesn't even have a shelter to stay. We complain of getting old while some has to die young. Complain that our parents aren't rich enough to buy all the fancy things while we know some doesn't even have a mother. Want the latest design while some cannot afford to keep themselves warm. Don't want to eat the left overs, our own left over food, while some go starving. Complain of being cheated and betrayal while some aren't even loved. Complain of having to study while some are dying for opportunity. Complain that our friends are not understandable while u don't even have a clue that you aren't fully known to yourself yet.

Resources finish but desires grow. Helping hands are in shortage but needing help ever increase. Giving is always less but expectations undefined. True friends are rare but enemies can be hidden inside our so called friends as well. Needs a favor but lacks in consideration. Jealousy is a common emotion but appreciation hard to generate. False promises are easily given but the commitments almost none.

Fruits on the next branch always seem better. The one whom you love always seem better than the one who loves you dearly. Forgetting that the only person who actually can show you the world would be the one who loves you.

Finally in due time of our search for something beyond reach, we forget to live life. We forget that at the end it would not be the bad days that we will remember but that, it 'will' be the little happy moments which will bring smile on our face as we leave the world. Lets keep in mind that not having enemies is not as important as to have real friends. Absence of bad qualities doesn't really count but the presence of good nature can make a big deference, especially if one has the ability to shine it through the eyes and reflect it on others.

So friends, lets take in the best of every situation. With each mistake made, u become wiser. The worst of days are there to remind us the harsh reality of this very existence, and of course the good times are the one that count. So yeah, stop waiting for the rhyme, who knows might never come. Be all :) and smiles.

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